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Thinking pictures

Since 2016, poetic images and thoughts, so-called “ThinkingPictures”, have been created at various points along the Starry Path. These are each developed from the spirit or the theme of a particular detail of one of the recorded medieval buildings along the way. In an artistic-poetic manner, a present-day interpretation thus emerges from the impulses of the respective place.

With the Denkbild, visitors are invited to sense an inner connection between the times and living spaces that can be thought further. In essence, the thought pictures invite to face the challenges of life with its puzzles.

Denkbild „Der alte Turm“

Which child of the spirit am I? How can traditional limitations and structures in existence be overcome? What does the good life mean in contemporary Europe?

The thought pictures have an experimental character. They aim to open up perspectives from a different angle and form a further level of understanding of the European model project “Sternenweg/Chemin des étoiles”.

New (further)thinking can arise when people engage with the impulses of the places and the thought images and meditate on them while walking.

So far, think-pieces can be discovered at the following locations:

CulturePlace Wintringer Chapel

Denkbild „Der alte Turm“