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Mont Ste-Odile

The most famous pilgrimage destination in Alsace is the Odilienberg. Here the patron saint of the region, St. Odilie, founded a monastery around the year 700. Her tomb can still be found in the medieval Odilien Chapel (11th/12th century). The monastery, whose heyday was in the 12th century, is still a destination for pilgrims from all over the world. The Odilienberg with its monastery lies on the paths of the pilgrims of St. James in Alsace.

Remains of the medieval Monastery

N48°26'16.465" E7°24'17.777"

Chapel of Odile (orig. 8th c.) with tomb of St. Odile (d. 720), Chapel of the Cross (12th c.), Chapel of the Tears and Angels (12th c.), Image Pillar (12th c.). 100 m from the path.