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Ornaments from field stones

In the Saarpfalz district and in the Saarbrücken region, selected positions are decorated with special ornaments. On the interactive map they are marked with a yellow triangle. The town entrance bands with a red square with a star, the town exit bands with an empty red square and the historical stars with a white star in a red circle.

Historical way embroidery

Since Roman times, roads in this cultural landscape were paved by means of carefully joined stitched shell limestones, which were also obtained from the surrounding fields. Many of the paths used at that time have disappeared today or have been built over by newer roads. Every now and then, however, the old, sunken paths can be " lifted" and thus rediscovered. Their particular historical embroideries are then cleaned and repaired. These valorizations are accompanied by various employment policy companies, such as the ZBB in Saarbrücken and the Gesellschaft für Arbeit und Qualifizierung (AQuis GmbH) of the Saarpfalz district.

Larger, new segments of stitched fieldstone are also found at various locations, citing historic trail paving in the region. Such “soil citations” are found in various forms at. Medelsheim, Herbitzheim, Gräfinthal and at the Dragoon Way.

Tower hoods

As historical sources show, some medieval churches in the region originally had tower hoods made of limestone, similar to the still existing church tower hood in Hornbach-St. Johann. At the wayside in Medelsheim and Bliesransbach these stone tower hoods are commemorated by a signpost made of pyramid-shaped limestones. The medieval round towers of Bebelsheim are represented by cone-shaped path ornaments.

Town Entrance & Town Exit Tapes

These are narrow bands of field stones that cross the road before and after the respective villages. The village entrance bands are adorned by a star on the right side. These ornamental bands remind us of the historical road pavements in this cultural landscape. A star embedded in the band refers on the one hand to the myth of the Starry Paths, but on the other hand also contains a regional reference to a medieval starwhich can be discovered as an original in the surrounding area. Such decorative ribbons - but without a star motif - were also placed at the exits of the village.