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Scallop Deidesheim and Ruppertsberg

Pilgrimage for European values and set a sign for peace and justice!

In Ruppertsberg and in Deidesheim on Saturday, May 21, 2022, medieval cultural monuments integrated as reference points in the European model project “Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles” were equipped with a stone scallop shell and the corresponding information board.


The ceremonial inauguration of the information boards took place after an impulse lecture of the project leader Peter Michael Lupp in the church of Ruppertsberg.

Infotafel Ruppertsberg

Infotafel Deidesheim

Afterwards, Father Braun blessed the stone scallop shell and the new information sign on the church forecourt in the presence of more than 50 guests. With wonderfully refreshing sounds of the Ruppertsberger “Bloskapell” there was still good conversation and a fine drop of Palatinate sparkling wine. Afterwards, historian Berthold Schnabel accompanied the group on foot to Deidesheim with a great deal of professional knowledge and a pinch of humor, past the marked medieval cultural monuments that pilgrims probably already sought their way past in the Middle Ages and also paused: a crucifixion group in the vineyards, the town church of St. Ulrich and the former Bürgerspital of Deidesheim.

In the Bürgerspital, after the inauguration of the information board at the gothic church, the end of a special day took place, which was also completely in the sign of the spreading of peace, freedom and justice - and the sympathy for all people, who are affected by this terrible war in the Ukraine!

Project manager Peter Michael Lupp expressed special thanks to all those involved in Ruppertsberg and Deidesheim, in particular to Dr. Hermann Birkhofer, Dr. Erich Bien and Berthold Schnabel, who with great commitment put the inauguration ceremony and all the preparations for it together.


Along the “Starry Paths” through our homeland, our medieval places of worship, with their special aura, can transfer the original spirit of pilgrimage into the present and our present-day questions about finding our way through life. Deidesheim and Ruppertsberg are home to important medieval cultural monuments that were recorded as part of the European model project. More of these architectural contemporary witnesses in the surrounding area have been connected via already existing paths through an extremely charming landscape.

Tourism, cultural heritage and spirituality can be so fruitfully linked via the Sternenweg and that is our A nliegen! We would therefore like to actively support this extraordinary model project, its network and its message of peace, and invite locals and guests to link the cultural heritage of the Middle Ages with the present.

Dr. Hermann Birkhofer and Dr. Erich Bien, project sponsors

With this model project, we would like to inspire the current search movement of many people for meaning in life and (European) values with small gestures. Meaning, compassion and solidarity experience an unforeseen importance in times of crisis. To these current topics within the society, the idea of the star way can make a contribution. Pilgrimage means mindful walking and the search for knowledge, and this also applies to everyday life. In the extremely multifaceted cultural landscapes of our homeland and especially in the medieval churches along the way, one receives many suggestions for this. Spirituality is a basic need of man and this can be read and rediscovered in particular from the myth of the paths of the pilgrims of St. James to this day.

Peter Michael Lupp, Project Manager, Head of Cultural Affairs, Saarbrücken Regional Association