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Tips for on the road

  • Plan alone or with friends a pilgrimage walk on the “Stars Way/Chemin des étoiles”.
  • Pick out two or more medieval cultural monuments along a route of the project space in the interactive map or picture book.
  • Choose a starting point and plan your individual pilgrimage tour from there to the selected destinations, even if it runs off the official marked paths. Hiking trails or bike paths off the marked routes of the paths of the pilgrims of St. James can be asked at the responsible tourist information, plan with the help of the many navigation options on the Internet (etc.) or simply ask for directions on the way.
  • Take (in addition to sufficient provisions) a (value) theme with you on your way. The focus could be on the question: What values do I stand for in the present, what is my attitude today as a pilgrim along the stars?
  • Pause along the way at special places in nature and at the selected medieval destinations. Try to experience or feel what impulse nature, the cultural heritage of the Middle Ages holds for you. Become aware of the fact that you are embarking on a path of knowledge, which is often gifted with small gestures along the way. If possible, meditate in quiet places in nature that you intuitively choose for yourself, or in the (medieval) churches along the way. Concentrate on your breath during meditation and let arising thoughts move on like clouds.
  • Along the way, consciously pay attention to details in the landscape or when meeting others. Many people have been here before you and many will follow you. Everything is interrelated. Take the opportunity for an inner dialogue or exchange with those who accompany you. A rest stop offers the opportunity to read a suitable text (literature, poem), to pray, to sing or even to write and paint.
  • Preserve your encounters and experiences along the way with notes, drawings.
  • Along the way, collect pilgrimage stamps, if you have them, in the attached stamp boxes and connect it to one of the impulses listed there.
Pilgerin zeigt auf Steinbild an einer Kirchenwand


The breath flows slowly and deeply in and out through the nose.

Inhaling and exhaling stabilizes your inner balance.

The deep inhalation and exhalation centers your self.

Let yourself be carried deep inside to the bottom of your soul with full devotion.

Thoughts drift away like clouds and gradually dissolve as if warmed by the sun.

The source of creation arises from the emptiness of thought. What is essential emerges tangibly. The path of the good life opens.

After the meditation, stand up and let the moment resonate, breathe in and out through your nose again deeply and calmly.

Into the bottom of the soul.

Out to continue your way courageously.

Frau sitzt in Meditationspose auf Steinmauer