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Level Emotions

Human social behavior, which is based in particular on emotions, is an essential factor in ensuring that ethical and moral values are not only understood and respected, but also internalized. Only in this way can they be made relevant in everyday actions and promote and advance peace and the common good.


Without tolerance we cannot develop compassion.

Dalai Lama

Tolerance means accepting and respecting the views, actions and customs of others and is a central characteristic of democracy. Tolerance is also an important prerequisite for equality, diversity and the avoidance of exclusion. Tolerance is of great importance in social discourse. It is discussed, for example, in connection with religiosity, sexual inclinations, cultural differences and alternative value systems and communities. The limits of tolerance lie where others are denied this basic form of respect and equal treatment. However, the responsibility for ensuring that these limits are respected cannot be completely ceded to the state. In the first place, it is the people themselves who are obliged to practice tolerance and to treat others with forbearance, patience and mindfulness.

Junge Pilgerin in Kirche gibt ihrer Begeisterung Ausdruck

Question: Do I recognize and experience the diversity in living together within our society as enriching? Do I see myself as part of a cosmopolitan community?

Impulse: On my way, I open myself to perceive reality sensitively and mindfully. Along the way, I practice my tolerance and dialogue skills in respectful interaction with other points of view. Indifference towards my fellow human beings is alien to me.

What idea of my own do I have for today’s path?


Silence surrounds all common action and all living together

Friendship needs no words

It is the loneliness that comes from the fear of loneliness is freed.

Unknown author

Friendship refers to a relationship characterized by affection and based on mutual sympathy, appreciation and trust. Friendships are of great importance for our social interaction. Aristotle described friendship as “one soul in two bodies”. Cicero recognized \u201a secure friend in an uncertain situation\u201c. Friendship with another person, moreover, is also accompanied by a perpetual deepening of self-knowledge in the other person. In a figurative sense, friendship also refers to a good and often contractually regulated political relationship between peoples or nations (e.g. “deutsch-französische Freundschaft”).

Älterer Mann sitzt vor steinernem Wegekreuz am Rande einer Wiese und macht sich Notizen

Question: What emotions guide me when I think about friendship?

Impulse: On my way, I dedicate time to thoughts of friends and give thanks in spirit for being able to share in their lives. In good days and bad, they can count on me.


Compassion for all creatures is what makes people truly human.

Albert Schweitzer

Compassion describes the sympathy for the situation of another individual and is a natural human ability. One’s own feelings resonate with the feelings of another living being. In sympathizing with the feelings of others, people learn to better deal with their own emotions. A variation of compassion is empathy, which helps people to empathize with the thoughts of the other person, to understand them, to respond to them and to react accordingly. Compassion for other human and non-human beings requires acceptance of one’s self and love for oneself.

Junge Frau in Kirche schaut zu jungem Mann mit geschlossenen Augen

Question: What do I think and feel about myself? With what feelings towards others am I on the road?

Impulse: I also observe my emotional world for myself and others on my way. Every person I meet and people I am thinking about, I wish them well and bless them silently.

What idea of my own do I have for today’s path?


Together instead of lonely

Accompanying instead of leading Conquering free space Listening growing together Exchange wonders Turning gazes Giving closeness giving hope thinking ahead

Better than usual

Peter Michael Lupp

Solidarity can be derived from the Latin word meaning “gediegen, echt, fest” and is thus related to permanence, continuity and stability. Solidarity describes standing together with and supporting others whose ideals, values, and goals one shares. It requires a public space and proximity in order to express sympathy, connection and compassion towards others. It is also about growing together in a cosmopolitan community in a spirit of friendship to peacefully stand up for shared values.


Question: With which cosmopolitan European values am I in harmony and do I feel connected to others through them?

Impulse: My encounters on the road remind me of acting responsibly for the community of people, especially in times of crisis. I plant this thought in my innermost being and it gives me a sense of solidarity towards other people, self-confidence and strength. As far as I am able, I want to assist people around me in distress, illness and despair.

Encounter of cultures

Stranger(s) reach me over the thresholds the hand to the WE

Let us widen horizons Give home Open worlds hope for the future make peace and touch deeply

Peter Michael Lupp

In the encounter with other cultures, landscapes and with the foreign, new impressions and connections always arise involuntarily. People can resonate with them and thereby contribute to a sense of European togetherness. The goal is to cultivate an ethically sustainable and mindful connection between people, their diverse cultural imprint, origin and spiritual attitude. The cosmopolitan encounter and friendly exchange with people from other cultures is also accompanied by an awareness of the importance of respect for human dignity, equality and the protection of human rights.

Pilger steht mit ausgebreiteten Armen auf Wiese und schaut grüne Landschaft

Question: Am I open to encounters on the road? With what appreciation and respect do I meet people from other cultures on my way?

Impulse: Diversity and a dignified approach to different cultures and their ways of life enable us to see and understand them in a new way. They are an enrichment of society and everyday life: naturally living together, openly, in diversity.

What idea of my own do I have for today’s path?