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Level Spirituality


That I recognize what holds the world holds the world together in its innermost being, See all the power and seeds And do not rummage in words anymore.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Spirituality is about the “way art” of becoming oneself. In this process, the wonders of life and the meaning of one’s own life mission become more conscious and can be experienced in their actual (carrying) breadth, away from purely rational ways of looking at things.

The spiritual dimension ignites in the purposeful pause and in the sincere devotion. On a higher level, the inclusion of the spiritual dimension opens up to humanity the opportunity to make the meaning of human existence and its ethical and moral task more comprehensible and to act accordingly. Herein lies a spiritual resource to cope with the upcoming change within our society in favor of a better world.

An access to experience spiritual reality is offered by exercises of slowing down, mindfulness, undivided devotion, meditation or inner prayer (in an interdenominational context). This requires places where these exercises can be celebrated undisturbed and time in which something can mature and heal. Meditative journeying on the “Starry Path” and pausing at special places of the past offer a variety of individual spaces of experience for this.

Mann mit Wanderstock und gefalteten Händen über dem Kopf schaut auf nebelschwangere Landschaft

Question: What place do I give to the conscious experience of spirituality in my life? Do I use the possibilities of meditation to find inner peace and balance?

Impulse: On my path I consciously take time for an expression of spirituality that is in harmony with my inner being and practice it with full devotion (ritual, prayer, chanting, meditations, contemplation of images…).

What idea of my own do I have for today’s path?